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Item 1 of 1 - About 32bit Convert It

With this 32bit Unit Converter you can type in values for a unit of
measurement while the other units dynamically change to become equal in

32bit Convert It is a unit conversion program. In the main window, you
will see the tabs, [Length], [Area], [Volume], [Weight], [Density],
[Speed], and [Temperature]. Each tab will contain the different units for
measuring the unit type.

Once in a tab, you will see a better description of the item in the top
left corner. You can choose how to display the resulting values by
choosing from the [Express Result as:] section. You can choose how many
decimal places to display by selecting the number from [Round Decimal].
Select [No Trailing Zeros] if you do not want any trailing zeros at the
end of the resulting values. Press the [Clear] button to clear the
contents from all unit fields.

When you go from tab to tab or even close the program, 32bit Convert It
will remember the values in each field so that when you come back, the
values will still be displayed as you left them.

Installation Notes:

Permissions Problems

If you experience permissions problems it is most likely that you have a
[Standard User] account. Changing your account to an [Administrator]
account will fix this problem.

You can not change your [Standard User] account to an [Administrator]
account while logged into your own account because, (you guessed it), you
do not have permission.

To change your [Standard User] account to an [Administrator] account:
Log off your account, log on to an [administrator account], change your
account to an [Administrator] account, and reboot the computer.

If you are running Windows Vista:
o Click the [Start] button
o Locate and select [Switch User]
o Log on to an [administrator account]
o Click the [Start] button
o Select [Settings]
o Select [ Control Panel]
o Select [User Accounts]
o Select [Manage another account]
o Find and select [your user account]
o Select [Change the account type]
o Change your account to [Administrator]
o Select [Change Account Type]
o Reboot the computer
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