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Custom Electronic Design by ElectraSoft
Custom Electronic Design by ElectraSoft
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Custom Electronic Design
Thank you very much for the prototype. For your information, it is functioning as we had hoped. In this regard, we would like to congratulate ElectraSoft for what we consider to be a great product.

This is the first time we have received a package that really works first time out!!

Kind regards
Paul Watson

The PCB you built for us has worked flawlessly from the time we got it.

Tom Yalley

I thought you might want to hear someone that has no complaint. The product that you developed for us definitely the best and at the best piece. It has been running bugfree for the last 11 moths now. Congratulations and thanks.

If ever you need a reference I would be glad to sing your praises!

Sales up!
Michael Wurmbrand

The consulting service, schematics, PCB layout, prototype was excellent. The assembly-line is purring like a kitten.

Keep up the good work.

I am helping a corporate client of mine upgrade their plant. The PCB you developed for us is a featured component of this upgrade as it is with almost all of my corporates clients.

Your services have been a staple in my recommendations to my clients for many years. Thank you all the assistance you have given me with any technical problems.

Will be in touch if need be.

Your custom electronic design service is practical and functional, and has provided products of necessity to our organization.

The team at ElectraSoft has also provided us with excellent services in terms of troubleshooting and guidance. I highly recommend their consulting and electronic design and services.

Thank you ElectraSoft. Keep it up.

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Custom Electronic Design Services 1-281-499-8246

ElectraSoft will help with your electronic project any way you need from start to finish. Schematic, Prototype, Computer Program, Production, etc.

Just tell us what you need and we will create it while you work on other things, or while you go to the beach, go fishing, read a book, or just sit back and relax. We do all the work.

Here is some of what we do...

  • One of a kind devise.
  • If it does not exist, but you want 1 or more of them, we will make it for you.
  • Medical Devices.
  • Prototype for mass production.
  • Mass production.
  • Single Layer.
  • Two Layer.
  • Four Layer.

Who Uses ElectraSoft Products...

ElectraSoft products are used by many well known establishments including military, government, education, medical, business, and individuals.

Some users of ElectraSoft products include, United States Armed Forces, United States Senate, University of Utah, Central Iowa Health Care System, San Diego Health Department, IBM, and millions of small businesses and individuals.

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