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Custom Electronic Circuit Designs

Large Project or Small Project, ElectraSoft will help you with your electronic project any way you need from start to finish. Tell Patented Inventor, Jon Krahmer, what you need and we will create it while you work on other things. We do all the work such as schematics, prototypes, computer programing, and the production, etc. Jon loves his work and will give you a Cost Effective solution.


The Electronic Project You Need

If it does not exist, but you want 1 or more of them, we will make it for you. We do many things, including...
■ One of a kind devises.
■ Oil Field Equipment.
■ Medical Devices.
■ Prototypes.
■ Short run production.
■ Mass production.
■ Single Layer PCBs.
■ Two Layer PCBs.
■ Four Layer PCBs.

Contact Us and Get a Quote

Briefly describe what you need, and some one from from ElectraSoft will contact you.

Who Uses ElectraSoft Products

ElectraSoft products are used by many well known establishments including military, government, education, medical, business, and individuals. Some users of ElectraSoft products include, United States Armed Forces, United States Senate, University of Utah, Central Iowa Health Care System, San Diego Health Department, IBM, and millions of small businesses and individuals.

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