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Click here to try ElectraSoft's software for FREE

ElectraSoft Guestbook / Testimonials

Good. On your site I found information I've searched! Good site, thanks.


I found your site in the google. And found information I need! Thank you!


I think we may use 32bit Web Browser. It is easy to use and safer than other browsers.

Syamsul H Siregar
Ciawi-Bogor Indonesia 16760

Very nice site. Keep up the good work.

Laura Norder

Thank you, and everyone who contributed to the creation of this website.


Yes. Your site is great! I bookmarked it.


Good. On your site I found information I've searched for! Good site, thanks.


You make amazing software! Thanks for 32bit Email Broadcaster.

Paul Dawson
New York

Thanks for this site dude! Just keep on working!

Sarah Nokia

Your website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be here. Keep up the good work :-)

Tomas Karlsson

Nice to be here.

Klinger Ellams

We have been useing 32Bit Fax for years in our Business. We can't say enough about how great the program is, we use it on the network, everyone has a mail-Fax box, you can delete the ones you don't want. Again ITS GREAT!!

Clearwater Fl. USA

Hello to everyone! nice site.

Herald Spike

Great site


32bit Fax I bought this product in august of 2004. It increased my business by 30 percent. I recommend this product if you are mass faxing. Eric Tampa fl

tampa fl

I liked your site, really informative website, some good links too.

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Nice! I will come back again.

Schulz Corey

Great site! I will come back again.

Schulz Corey

Great job.


Very interesting, I find your software to my satisfaction.

Hopkins Kelly

Keep up the good work!

Hinkle Richard

You have nice software.

Washington DC

I've been using 32bit FTP for years and years now. Thanks for the easiest file transfer tool ever!

Michael Ketchum
Dallas, Texas

Excellent software.

Rchard Bitton
New Orleans, Louisiana

Nice work. Keep up the good work.

Graham Copsey

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the upgrade of 32bit Fax to your latest fax technology. I had previously wanted the technology in FaxAmatic but didn't want to spend another $60 (that's $100 to me here in Canada), and now you have provided it as a free upgrade in 32bit Fax. Thank you much. Also, I have at various times searched the Internet for other fax software but have never found any program that works as easily/well as yours (in my opinion) or has all the features, i.e. distinctive ring, automatic fax string generation, inbox & OutBox access, etc. Most of them are bulky and hardly any have distinctive ring, and/or are complicated to set up. It makes me feel smart to have bought software from you. I am confident to recommend your software to my acquaintances.

Randal Holdsworth
Delta, BC, Canada

Very good work. Very good site. Good luck for the continuation.


Your software is very interesting, I find it to my satisfaction.


Nice site. I have bookmarked your site and I will come back again !

Jack Durhime

Your software is good!!!!!!!!!

Ritesh Talwar

Hi Guys! Years ago I decided to buy a 32bit Fax license. Yesterday, I installed the upgrade to the latest Version. 32bit Fax with a new face and new functions. Since I have been using PCs in the early ninetees, I have never bought any software that's more wor I can only recommend ElectraSoft Software !

Alfred Schmidt
Wienhausen, LowerSaxony, North Germany

Multi Clipboard is a good program.


Well you have some real cool stuffs.... Thanks and All the best. Cheers

Bangalore, India

I have been using 32bit FTP for 2 years now, and not yet found anything better. Why buy an expensive and complicated program, when you can get 32bit FTP...... Keep up the good work.

Eventos Tenerif
Tenerife. Spain

I have used the 32bit Web Browser for almost 5 years now! What strikes me most is the safety and speed which it offers. We use it daily at my clinic. (medical practice) Dr. M Rosenthal

Dr M Rosenthal

Your software is the Best of the Best

BKK Thailand

Great site.


Good informational site. I will come again. Keep it up guys.


Warm greetings! Thanks for all the information, a very nice and well done site!


Your 32bit Web Browser is slim, fast, and easy to handle. Thank you!

Helmut Droxler
Karlsruhe, Germany

You have a lovely site and I really found what I really wanted. Thanks for your effort to bring this site.

Arjun Gautam
Kathmandu, Nepal

Very impressive program. I've ordered a copy for my associate in Los Angeles. I'm hoping that faxing thru ElectraSoft fax software will be less vulnerable to interception than are e-mails.

Tom H Foulds
Seattle, Washington, USA

Electrasoft is the BEST.

Shkatulla Viktor
russia, moscow

You have a really good collection of software. I wish for your site to grow well.

Rahin Ayyamperumal
Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India

Thanks a million! Your site looks great, and what a generous site too! You're a life saver; my fax program went kaput! and now I will try your fax program. Happy Thanksgivings Day, and God bless you all... (Ms.) Hoda Aly - from Cairo, Egypt

Hoda Aly
Cairo, Egypt

Hey, This product looks great. I'm going to try it out next week. Thanks.

Frank Robinson
Berlin, Germany

Dear sir, Your site is very good and very usefull for all people. thanks a lot Kantipudi


Hey team, thanks for developing such a great fax program at a affordable price. I also have done my searching for a good fax program and have found yours to be the best. It is also nice to be able to call in for support, something that you do not see that often anymore.

Peter Van Zitter
Los Angeles

Your website is very helpfull to those plunging into the online world. I like it. Thank you.

Wei Yuan

Hi. It was great pleasure to look on your website & we wish you very best for the future...

London, Uk

The 32bit Fax program is great! I love using it.

Phila., PA USA!

Thank you very much! We appreciate your hard-work and dedication to a simple and easy to use program that gets the job DONE! Our PICTURE HOSTING Customers are notified with our company changes each time via your cool program! Thank you, Brian Web Hosting

San Diego, CA, USA

The FAXAMATIC has been great for a long time. I never wanted to get into the included Windows fax stuff or anything else. Your screens are really spectacular; I like that.

William R Clelland

I look forward to trying your software. Looks exciting to me! I've downloaded the FTP program and the conversion program!

Peter Nico

I have tried your 32bit FTP software and your FaxAmatic software... It is the best software i have ever used!!! Keep up the good work!!!

South Wales... UK

I have used several FTP clients and have found 32bit FTP to be easy to use with fast transfers and excellent technical support. 32bit Service Monitor is also an excellent product.

Bic Wood
Austin, Texas

Very nice website.


I love your 32bit Email Broadcaster software program. So far everything has worked as promised. And frankly, the program is so intuitive that I haven't even looked at the manual I printed.

Jack Bahry
Hollister CA

Hi there!!! Thanks so much for the FaxAmatic software! It has been working great. I really appreciate your work/site. I look forward to visiting your site again and again and I will let my friends know about you people. Thanks again!

Alexander M Hernandez

I would like to personally thank all those ElectraSoft Technicians that put together FaxAmatic. This is probably the best software I have ever used. I downloded it and used the software without any problems!! This Program beats ANY software out there hands down!! THANKS AGAIN!! AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK.

Xayan De Van

This is the first time I have visited your site - and I'll be coming back for more and more...

Suzy Cook

I am excited to try the ElectraSoft software!

Kerrville, TX, USA

Hello, This is a good site and interesting for all. I want to invite you to visit my site about usenet.


This is the coolest site I have seen. Thanks to all the pepole who work in this site.


Good work.

Brad Meijers

Good Webseite! I'll tell my friends about it... Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams

Wow. There are certainly a lot of positive reactions here. Almost to good to be true, but I'll give it a try and post my results here.

Sander Hoentjen
Hengelo, Netherlands

Thank you for your wonderful software.


Your web site is very usefull and informative.

Reta Effendi

I am very pleased using your softare, 32bit Fax. I find it very easy and pleasant to use. Thank you very much for the great software.

M W Labiche
London England

Your software is very interesting (ie: 32bit Email Broadcaster). Congratulations.


Your software is amazing.

Ashok H. Mehra
Mumbai Maharashra, india

I enjoy your user-friendly software.

Zhang Wei Xin

Great site. Thank you for your help.


At last, the Black Duck is able to fly. Thanks for your help.

M. Zaki
Cairo - Egypt

I have been using your 32bit Web Browser for less than one day. WOW!!!!! This could be the start of a beautiful relationship. It is much faster than IE, Netscape, or Mozilla.

Ottawa Ontario

I used your software for the first time. It is very good.


The new home page layout is terrific as is the 32bit Fax program.

Keith Thompson
Brisbane Australia

We have been searching for some time to find a FAX method. ElectraSoft's site was located and we feel this is where we should be. Your software is very user friendly. Investment in your software is VERY likely now.

Ernie Fast
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

You have a very nice website. Please visit my website. :)

Miami, Florida, USA

Hi there!!! Thanks so much for the FaxAmatic software! Its been working great. I really appreciate your work/site. I look forward to visiting your site again and again and I will let my friends know about you people. Thanks again!

Alexander M Hernandez

We have been using 32bit Fax for some months now and find that it is excellent. It is really easy to use and gives us all the information that we need regarding the progress of the fax. Thanks for such a good product. Stephen Foley

Stephen Foley
Rectory Farm, Nothampton, United Kingdom

This is the best site for software I have ever visited on the web.

Ahmedabad, India

You have a really a great site. Greetings from Vienna! Please feel free to visit our Austrian music-site...

Austria, Europe

I have been using your software for years. I am pleased with regular or occasional use of Faxmail for Windows and 32bit Web Browser. I enjoy them all. Please, carry on!

Pierre Poussin
Etel 56410 France

Your site is simply marvelous. Sincerely, i don't know how some people have got such artistic brains. Keep up the good work. Visit my site

Abdul Qadeer
Faisalabad, Pakistan

I would like to personally thank all those ElectraSoft Technicians that put together FaxAmatic. This is probably the best software I have ever used. I downloded it and used the software without any problems!! This Program beats ANY software out there hands down!! THANKS AGAIN!! AND KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK.

John Van Hagen
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Nice site.

Abi Guyman

The whole Electrasoft "package, inclusive" is outstanding. Look out Microsoft, Netscape...

David J Cadenhead
Atlanta, GA USA

ElectrSoft gives a lot of support to all computer users. Thank you.

United Arab Emirates

Hi, I am using your software, 32bit email brodcaster. I use this software for email marketing. This is the best software that I have ever used.

Safras Ahamed
Sri Lanka

Best fax program around. Easy to use even for the computer impaired. Excellent tech support which I give an A+++++ rating.

Jere Milstead
Knoxville, Tennessee,USA

This is the coolest site I have seen. Thanks to all the pepole who work in this site.

Ibrahim abouargoub
Tripoli, Libya

Great web site. Good place to find lots of valuable software of high quality at a low price. Hotels, tours in istanbul and Turkey

Mehmet Comert

Very good software.


Your fax software is very useful.

Pisith Vanichaisti

Good web site.

Giovanni Jb
Castel San Giovanni, Italy

Today I found your web site, which is wonderfull, filled with lots of good software and references for serchers.

Aslam Niazi

Thank you very much. I hope I can do something good for you, as you did for me by giving me the chance to use your software.

Ashraf Awny
Cairo, Egypt

Your software is powerful and easy to use. Many people here in China use your software.

Maoming, Guangdong, China

Good web-browser. It is fast, easy to use, adding stuff to favorites is easy, etc... Thanks.

Richard Augden

Professional, easy, and complete.

Renato Sambo

Now that I know this system, another whizz will be born. Good work ElectraSoft!

Dale Lonsdale
Wilburton Pa . USA

Great program! Easy to use and excellent support.

Jay De Almeida
Artesia, CA U.S.A.

Nice web browser, you can stick that MS stuff. Fast, simple to use, and does the job.

Paul Jenkins ACM UK
UK (god bless our USA friends)

Great Fax Program!!! Worth every cent... Thank you.

Stuart Hewlett-Clarke
England - UK - The mother country !!

Wonderful site, lots of neet and usefull goodies.

Margaret K. Gillies

ElectraSoft is a great site. I have not found a site like this before.

Bronx, New York, USA

ElectraSoft has the best fax software.

Rajesh Balan

Fastest and easiest fax program in one world. And very useful. Congratulations!

Carlo Tamiozzo
Milan, Italy

I downloaded your program before and had a hard disk crash. Since I'm up and running again I couldn't live without the 32bit Fax program. The ease of configuring and setup is one of the best programs for faxing I've seen. Like I said, I couldn't live without It.

Greg Proctor
Satellite Beach, Florida USA

Just the fax software I have been looking for. Thank you.

Laurie Cook
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

My compliments to your staff.

Bruce Matulonis
Worcester, Massachusetts USofA

These are the best fax programs on the market. Thank you ElectraSoft.


I've been using this Browser for a few hours and I like it's ease and flexibility. Imports my previous favorites just fine too!!!!!!

Roger Finch
Clarendon, TX USA

This is a very good program. I like how fast it loads and it is very stable.

Whitepigeon, MI

Thank you for the free trial. I think its wonderful.

Eugene Givens
Columbus, 1194 Hildreth Ave. USA

My English is not so good - but your 32bit Web Browser is excellent. Very fast and practicable. I canceled my Netscape 4.75 and Internet Explorer 5.5. best wishes.

Jargen Nett
Rotenburg, Hessen Germany

An excellent and powerful program.

chennai, t.n INDIA

Made in the USA. What would you expect. IT ROCKS!!!!!! It works, so you can count on it. Clear, clean, concise... In your eye Bill Gates!!!!!!


I like the 32bit Web Browser much more than the MSN Explorer web browser that came with my computer!! Loads up sites so much faster. It makes me feel like I have a new computer and ISP. Thank you for the great new browser that I will be purchasing on payday!!!

D.J. Smith
Ethridge, TN USA

We recently purchased the 32bit Fax program for our office. We do a lot of broadcast faxing to our clients. The ElectraSoft program has proven very easy to set up and use. Technical support has been excellent.

Bob Flynn
Syracuse, NY USA

Good FAX program and getting better.

David Buckner
Los Alamos, NM USA

This is by far the best web browser available. I used to use IE until I found this one. Others have problems, this one does not. I recommend the 32bit Web Browser to anyone that enjoys surfing without any problems.

John Gavin
Seale, Alabama USA

Dear friends at ElectraSoft! I just tried the demo version of your 32bit Email Broadcaster and found it very smooth and easy to use! I will be placing an order for the full version tomorrow. First I must call my bank to make sure the credit card I am using is current and payment will go through. After buying it, if it can deliver the Emails better than the other bulk Email programs I have tried, I will recommend it to all my friends (more than 100 of them!) Thank you!


718 856 7515

New York City, NY USA

While searching the web for a fax program I found this site and I like what I see and am glad ElectraSoft is here to help us.

Quyinnton D'Oliviera
Yakima, Washington USA

Easy to find and a good site, try it.

Embrun, ontario canada

Nice software! 32bit FAX is easy to use! Just like NORTON WinFax Pro.


When I first heard about 32bit Fax, I went to the ElectraSoft web site and download it. To my surprise - it was very easy to use. In about an hour I was up and running. It was easier than I thought it would be. After being a long time user of WinFax Pro, I really appreciate 32bit Fax. The faxes go out a lot faster than they did with WinFax Pro, and that's not even using the send faster mode. It is the best on the market I think. If I had to rate this 32bit Fax i would give it a 5 star rating because it is that good.

Lynwood McClain
Raleigh, NC USA

I am very pleased with your 32bit Fax. I Was Very impressed with the fine service and encryption program provided when using my credit card to pay. I have now downloaded some of your other programs. Thank You.

Boris Stael Von Holstein
Halmstad, Halland Sweden

No doubt it is the best fax software in the market! I am very happy I found it while I was living abroad!

Jeronymo Vasques
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

For years I was an unwilling slave to Microsoft-Fax. What a hunk of junk. Finally, with the installation of a new hard drive and a new OS, I stumbled upon the ElectraSoft 32bit Fax. I love it! It is more than reliable and chock full of features. Thumbs up!

Michael S Schler
Brooklyn, New York United States

Your fax software is the best fax software in the world. Congratulations!

Claudio Dal Cin
Sesto San Giovanni, MI Italy

Very useful site. Thank you!

Wroclaw, Poland

Excellent software, keep up the good work.

Carole King-Lewis
London, England

Great software, great site!

Steven Gao

You guys make some nice products! Keep up the good work. :) The Internet Shopping Mall.

Orange County, CA, USA

You are very good guys. Thank you for your help!

Dan Heghi
Bucharest, Romania

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