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Multi Clipboard
Windows Clipboard Software Program Solutions by ElectraSoft
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ElectraSoft try before you buy Multi Clipboard software program. Extend Windows Clipboard, fill in forms, or do email tech support in seconds.

Multi Clipboard
Copy any 1 of 1000s of pre-written text fields into the Windows Clipboard
Turn your computer into a high speed information storage and retrieval center...a Windows clipboard machine. Fill in forms, or do email tech support in seconds. Then spend the rest of the day working on other things, at the beach, going fishing, reading a book, or just relaxing.

by ElectraSoft

In a few minutes from now, you will be copying thousands of pre-written text messages into the Windows Clipboard, then pasting them into all kinds of programs such as forms and word processors, with the click of a button, with this powerful clipboard program.
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About: Multi Clipboard

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer in the morning and use it just as you would on a regular day, knowing that you have thousands of bits and pieces of information that you can paste into forms, word processors, etc, without having to type.

Now, this is a reality with Multi Clipboard.

Let me show you just how it works...

  • Install Multi Clipboard on your computer and it will give you qwick access to thousands of bits and pieces of information that you need from time to time. Click any of the thousands of Multi Clipboard button and the information you need is in the Windows Clipboard. Now paste the information any place you want it. You can define as few or as many Multi Clipboard buttons as you want or need.

  • Start your office toward an edge in productivity. Become one of the well equipped workplaces of the future. Do it today!
Who Uses ElectraSoft Software?

ElectraSoft software is used by many well known establishments including military, government, education, medical, business, and individuals.

Some users of ElectraSoft software include, United States Armed Forces, United States Senate, University of Utah, Central Iowa Health Care System, San Diego Health Department, IBM, and millions of small businesses and individuals.

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