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NEW 30 Pound Refrigerant Recovery Tank with 5 LBs R22

NEW 30 Pound Flame King Yellow Top Y-Valve Liquid/Vapor Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank with 5 lbs of Recovered R-22 for $110.00 - Pickup only

The Recovered R22 came from a system with a COPELAND ZR45K3-PFV-135 Scroll Compressor, using 90% MO and 10% AB Oil.
o MO Oil= Mineral Oil Viscosity: 46 ISO / 200 SUS
o AB Oil= Zerol 200TD, Alkylbenzene Refrigeration Oil 200, Viscosity: 46 ISO / 200 SUS
The system was clean, dry, and acid free.

Recovery Tank & R22 Images

Recovery Tank R22
Recovery Tank & R22
Top View
Recovery Tank R22
Recovery Tank & R22
Front View

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