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32bit Email Broadcaster Tutorial

This tutorial is for the first time user of 32bit Email Broadcaster.

32bit Email Broadcaster Overview

First, I would like to thank for you for downloading 32bit Email Broadcaster by ElectraSoft. The people here work hard to bring you powerful, quality software. If you need technical assistance, ordering information, or any other information, please call us at 1-281-499-8246 or email us.

You can try 32bit Email Broadcaster for free before you buy it. When you are done trying out the software, you can either register (purchase) it, or un-install it. If you get a window popping up asking you to register, and you are not done testing the software, just click on [Get Registration Code from ElectraSoft Later].
This is how to broadcaster large and small email newsletters to clients and friends. Get information out to a lot of people in a short time frame.

Getting Started:

When you see [yourname] or [yourdomain], this will be refering to your own name and domain/Email information.

For any help with the interface or to see what any features do, please Click on [Help], [Help] from the 32bit Email Broadcaster top menu items, shown below:
[Help], [Help]

When 32bit Email Broadcaster starts, you should see the following screen:
[Help], [Help]
Put the name you want the Emails to be from in the [From Name] field, in the top left section.

To the right of this is the [From Email Address] field. Put the return Email address in this field. Note that most SMTP mail servers will not allow you to send Email through them unless you have a valid return Email address here that corresponds with the correct domain name. IE: The SMTP server: smtp.testdomain.com would probably require a return Email address ending in @yourdomain.com

below these fields is the field, [Email Server (SMTP Server)]. Here, you will enter in the correct SMTP server. When installing 32bit Email Broadcaster, it tried to automatically detect this for you. If it is not correct, or you are unsure of what this should be, you will need to contact the admin of your server. (Usually your Internet Service Provider).

below the [Mail Server] field you will see the Subject field. Enter in the subject you want the Emails to have when sent.

below this field, you will see the [Email Message File] field. This is where you specify a text file that contains the message you will be sending. To edit or view the message, click the [View/Edit Message] button to the far right. You can now edit the message, save, and exit the text editor.

Down next is the [Email Attachment File] field. This is if you want to attach a file to the Emails you will be sending. To attach a file, click on [Select Attach File].

Down next is the [Email Addresses File] field. This is where you specify what Email addresses you are going to send to. To edit or view this file, click the [View/Edit Message] button to the far right. You can now edit this file, save, and exit the text editor. For testing purposes, enter in your own Email address(es) for sending to. You will want to have one Email address on each line. For advanced usage, such as mail merge using comma delimited file for the Email Addresses File, please refer to the manual or help file.

Once you have all of the above information filled in, you are ready to send! Click the [Send Email] button up towards the top.

Advanced Users:

If you would like to configure 32bit Email Broadcaster to send 10 to 100 times fast, please read the following.

Go to [Options], [Configure] and set [Emails to Send Simultaneously] to [32] and set [Session Log File Status] to [No Session log file (for high speed)]. This will make 32bit Email Broadcaster [rapid-fire] 32 Emails at a time until the message has been sent to all the Email addresses. See below picture for example.
[Help], [Help]

If you have a fast Internet connection, this will work especially well. With an Internet connection such as a cable modem, you can average about 10 Emails sent per second with the above settings. The speed may be much higher or lower depending on conditions such as: speed of your computer, Internet connection speed, speed of your SMTP server, and the size of your Email message.

You can try 32bit Email Broadcaster before you buy it. If you want to continue using this software after trying it, you must purchase it by registering it with ElectraSoft. This means you have a chance to test the performance of 32bit Email Broadcaster before committing yourself to buying it. Before paying, you will only be able to send to a limited number of recipients in each batch of email you send, and an advertisement will be appended to each email. After you pay ElectraSoft for the use of [32bit Email Broadcaster], you will be able to send to as many recipients as you like, and without any added advertisement.

Using 32bit Email Broadcaster with Yahoo

Open up your Yahoo Email account. On the left side click [Options]. When that page opens click [POP Access & Forwarding].

Step 1 - Choose:

Web and POP Access
I want to read my Yahoo! Mail in my browser, AND also access my messages from any email program (such as Eudora, Outlook, or Netscape Mail) using POP3.

Go to the bottom, click [Submit] and this will come up:

Server Settings:
Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
or your ISP's SMTP server address What's this?
Account Name/Login Name: YourUserName
Email address: YourUserName@yahoo.com
Password: YourYahooMailPassword

Go to 32bit Email Broadcaster, click on [SMTP Setup] and put this information in. You are now running on your yahoo POP3 account.

This concludes the online tutorial. If you have more questions, please read through the help files within 32bit Email Broadcaster. If your question is still not answered, you can call ElectraSoft at 1-281-499-8246 or email us.

If you have found this tutorial to be helpful, or not helpful, please email us and tell us.

Thank you.
Kind Regards,

Bill Krahmer - ElectraSoft