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FaxMail for Windows Tutorial

First, I would like to thank for you for downloading FaxMail for Windows by ElectraSoft. The people here work hard to bring you powerful, quality software. If you need technical assistance, ordering information, or any other information, please call us at 1-281-499-8246 or email us.

You can try FaxMail for Windows for free before you buy it. When you are done trying out the software, you can either register (purchase) it, or un-install it. If you get a window popping up asking you to register, and you are not done testing the software, just click on [Get Registration Code from ElectraSoft Later].

Getting Started:

When you start the program, you will be at the main scrren, shown below.
FaxMail Main Window
What do you want to do next?

Send a Fax

First off, you can convert a document into a fax from any Windows program that can print. What you do is proceed to print the document but before printing, choose the [ElectraSoft Print to Fax] printer as the printer. Be sure FaxMail is running and it will bring up the Send Fax box, shown below.
FaxMail Send Fax Box

Or, if you already have a fax converted, you can just bring up the Send Fax box by clicking the [Send Fax] button.

Now that we are in the Send Fax box, you can either type in the recipient's fax number or choose a recipient from the faxbooks by clicking on the [FaxBooks] button. Select whether or not to include the cover page and edit the cover page accordingly (by clicking on the [Edit Cover Page] button.) if you do include the cover page.

Once you are ready to send the fax, click on the [Queue/Send Fax] button. That is it. The fax will then be sent. You can then see the status in the main window.

For more advanced sending options, please refer to the Help System. This tutorial is just to start you using the simplest features.
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Receive a Fax

If the installation successfully detected your modem, you will automatically be ready to receive a fax. By default, while FaxMail is running, it will answer the phone on the 1st incoming ring. To set FaxMail to not answer, simply toggle off the [Ready to Receive Faxes] setting on the main screen, shown below.
FaxMail Main Window
To change the receiving options, such as rings until answer, click on the menu item: [Tools], [Configure]. Go to the [Fax Settings] section. Click on the [Advanced Settings] button. Click on the [Receive Fax] tab. Here, you will find settings such as the [Answer on Ring] setting.

All received faxes will be stored in the In Box. You can access the In Box by clicking the menu item: [FaxBox], [InBox] from the main screen.
For more advanced options, please refer to the Help System. This tutorial is just to start you using the simplest features.
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