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Speed Dial
by ElectraSoft
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Speed Dial
RoSoft Downloads award.

Bill's Software Picks award.

Speed Dial
Find Modem
Will serch all 256 COM-Ports and provide you with a list of available modems on your computer.

Improved install for quick easy installation.

Speed Dial
Speed Dial is terrific. I appreciate its directness and simplicity. I really got fed up with manually dialing hundreds of phone numbers a week.
We've purchased Speed Dial, and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. It's been excellent. It installed easily. If only that were true of all software. Keep up the good work.
Speed Dial is by far the dialing program I've found. I have tried several others, at considerable expense! So thank you!
I thought you might want to hear from me also when there is no complaint. Your Speed Dial program is definitely the best piece of software I found and bought as shareware. I ran it bugfree daily for the last month and a half. Congratulations and thanks. If ever you need a reference I would be glad to sing your praises! Best wishes for your health and sales!

Speed Dial reviews:

This computer speed dial software program makes dialing the phone easy. ElectraSoft Speed Dial software try before you buy reviews:

One customer said...
Until I found Speed Dial I was unable to find a quick dialer suitable for my needs. Speed Dial is a powerful program and has been an indispensable help in my business.
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